Emerson Brooks - MAYDAY

Artist: Emerson Brooks

Producer: Emerson & Fredrick Brooks

Album: Purple EP

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MAYDAY, MAYDAY—we have a man down! No need to send help, though; while Emerson Brooks’ latest solo feature finds the T-Dot singer/songwriter in free fall after knocking back a few shots too many, he’s fortunate enough to have a beautiful shawty on hand to catch him before he crashes and burns. As on last fall’s reader-acclaimed Bare With Me, Emerson collaborates with Frederick Brooks behind the mixing boards, creating a blissfully mellow, string-laced soundscape to back him as he outlines his plans for the evening: “I’m gone but I will drink this anyway / till I can’t feel my face, and sh*t gets out of place.” Fans will be able to find this intoxicating single and much more on Brooks’ Purple EP, slated to drop digitally in the near future.

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Written by on Jan 27, 2013

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