Eliquate - New Country

Artist: Eliquate

Producer: Eliquate, Isha Erskine

Album: A Chalkboard's War Against Erasers

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Eliquate, where have you been all of our lives? New Country may be the quartet’s first feature at DJBooth, but it certainly won’t be their last. Their unique, refreshing style is exactly what we look for when we select a record or visual for feature on our homepage. Hailing from Santa Cruz, CA, the alt/hip-hop quartet delivers an interesting (to say the least) set of visuals (filmed in their hometown) that are just as engaging as their style. As two old men chase a little white ball around Santa Cruz, group member Elliot Wright’s vocal performance reaches out and grabs the listener’s ears. His avalanching, sung-rapped style stands out, but don’t dismiss the lively, intoxicating instrumentals on display behind him (produced in-house, with help from Isha Erskine). For more from the ever-eclectic Elquiate, be sure to check out their A Chalkboard’s War Against Erasers project, which was released last fall.

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Written by on Apr 21, 2014

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