Elbee Thrie (of Phony Ppl) - Rubbers

Artist: Elbee Thrie

Producer: Elbee Thrie

Album: 53,000

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There are some who strongly believe that teaching kids about contraception in high school will only lead to trouble. Whether they are right or wrong (They are in fact wrong.) isn’t important; what is important is that Elbee Thrie strongly believes in birth control. His last feature, from summer of 2012, was with his Brookyln band Phony Ppl. The title? morninG after pill. The title of this solo effort? Rubbers. The new record should appeal to anyone with a taste for throwback sounds, as Elbee’s own production, driven by a staggering bass line, has a nostalgic, almost ATCQ vibe. Atop the beat, he demonstrates his smooth, quirky vocal style as he tells the tale of his latest fling, and offers listeners some sage advice on the record’s hook. For more edutaining cuts, check out Elbee’s upcoming, currently-unscheduled project, 53,000.

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Written by on Jun 12, 2013

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