Dumbfoundead - 10 Rounds

Artist: Dumbfoundead

Producer: Breezy Lovejoy

Album: Take The Stares

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Molly and her many psychedelic drug friends have become a hot subject for rappers. Heck, if I had a nickel for every time a song mentioned the mind-altering MDMA, I could probably buy the naming rights. While it may seem like a good time, Booth fave Dumbfounded is here to show you the drug’s darker side. On 10 Rounds, the West Coast emcee arrives at a party and proceeds to consume every drug in sight. The result is a very interesting evening. As Breezy Lovejoy‘s trippy, intricate production swoons, DFD goes on an interesting drug induced trip with a fellow party going chick, which includes a gun toting hot dog that bleeds mustard. Yeah, needless to say, things get pretty weird f**king insane. If you happen to survive this psychedelic song, be sure to check out Dumbfoundead’s latest album Take The Stares, out now via iTunes.

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Written by on Dec 19, 2012

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