D.O.E. - Mash It Up

Artist: D.O.E.

Producer: Timbaland

Album: TBA

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The common belief that “If Timbaland produces it, its a hit” gets a major test with the newest single, Mash It Up, from Mosley Music‘s D.O.E..  Once again, Timbo’s beat is a banger, so the only thing that could possibly ruin the song is D.O.E.‘s flow.  Fortunately, the hefty rapper manages to use an addictive flow which should remind listeners of Biggie circa Ready to Die.  It’s never easy to spit street lyrics over a club beat and actually make it work (Memphis Bleek is still looking for the recipe).  Though the jury is out as to whether songs like Mash It Up could go to Billboard like Timbo is accustomed, true hip-hop heads should find plenty to like nonetheless.

D.O.E. Club

Written by on 09/25/07

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Mosely Music Group/Interscope

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