DJ Yoda - Loser ft. Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Joell Ortiz, Spark Dawg...

Artist: DJ Yoda

Featuring: Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Joell Ortiz

Producer: Hustle Heart & KDE

Album: Promo Single

Avg Rating: 32101 3.7 ( 32 votes )


Writing about new music on the daily may be, like, the coolest job ever, but I’m not gonna lie: it’s always a relief when I can spend half a paragraph simply listing off all the artists and producers involved in a single track.  Such is the case with Yodah and Tommy Lee‘s new Geffen Records promo single, Loser, which finds the UK DJ and Mötley Crüe drummer pooling their Rolodexes to assemble a line-up that, though just a tad arbitrary-seeming, packs all the star power listeners could ask for—in addition to the lyrical stylings of Colorful Clothes holdover Weezy F., this cut features verses by Scarface protégé Spark Dawg, Big Sean, Joell Ortiz and a sweeping hook by Swedish up-and-comer J-Son.  That’s not all; Hustle Heart & KDE‘s bombastic, arena-rock instrumental receives an extra edge courtesy of pop-punk group Sum 41.  Does it hold together?  Actually, yeah—though Wayne’s ‘testification/precipitation’ rhyme alone would be well worth the price of admission, star performances by all involved add up to a cut sure to please fans of rock-infused hip-hop.

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Written by on 05/25/09

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