DJ Webstar ft. Jim Jones & Juelz Santana - Dancing On Me

Artist: DJ Webstar

Featuring: Jim Jones, Juelz Santana

Producer: Remo Green & Webstar

Album: Promo Single/Untitled Studio Album

Avg Rating: 21021 2.8 ( 35 votes )


Three years after the release of his much-hyped Caught In The Web compilation album, DJ Webstar‘s stepped back into the mainstream spotlight, but with a few differences: now signed to E1, he’s working on a collabo album with Jim Jones, and he’s replaced his old-school vibe with that of… Ron Browz?  Apparently so—Dancing On Me features the same three elements that made Pop Champagne a hit: Autotuned singing (by Webstar), guest verses (from Jones and Juelz Santana, in that order), and a simplistic, percussion-heavy beat (by Webstar & Remo Green).  If you’re temped to one-star this record, consider this: Dancing On Me is already the most-played song on New York radio station Hot 97, getting an unprecedented 118 spins per week.  As the great Frank Sinatra said in regard to NYC, “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere!”

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Written by on May 07, 2009

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