DJ Unk ft. Baby D - Hit The Dance Floor

Artist: DJ Unk

Producer: Oomp Camp

Album: Beat N' Down Yo Block! (Re-Release)

Avg Rating: 43211 4.2 ( 11 votes )


Elated at the success of Walk It Out and 2-Step, the executives at Koch Records have decided to re-release DJ Unk‘s debut album, Beat’n Down Yo Block!  The first single off the re-release is a remix to the club track, Hit The Dance Floor.  DJ Unk and guest rapper Baby D direct all the ladies in the club to ‘pop that booty on the dance floor,’ while making references to several other current moves (Wipe Me Down, Pop, Lock, & Drop It, Supaman).  For those who haven’t copped the original Beat’n Down Yo Block!, Hit The Dance Floor might convince them to buy a copy of the re-release when it drops on September 25th.

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Written by on Sep 12, 2007

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