DJ $crilla - So Digital

Artist: DJ Scrilla

Producer: Team Green

Album: Me, Myself, And I

Avg Rating: 32101 3.8 ( 18 votes )


Over the last few years, several DJs have released albums and singles in their names, from Khaled to Drama to Felli Fel to Laz to Revolution.  Cleveland’s DJ $crilla, however, stands out from the rest of them in a certain way: on his debut album, Me, Myself, and I (which dropped this past August), he actually – prepare to be shocked – rapped most of the verses.  On his new single, So Digital, $crilla milks the title for all it’s worth, going from how high-tech his stuntin’ is to how fine the women are that he “downloads.”  As tired as some may get of such boasting, Team Green backs up the talk with some oh-So Digital production.  So, now that you’ve heard a DJ rap, do you think more of them should try it?

DJ Scrilla

Written by on Jan 05, 2009

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