DJ K.O. ft. Justin Bates - Pick a Card

Artist: DJ K.O.

Featuring: Justin Bates

Producer: DJ K.O. and Madwreck

Album: EMPBeTheTeam

Avg Rating: 32101 3.6 ( 9 votes )



You might casually glance at the title of DJ K.O.’s new single, Pick A Card, and assume David Blaine started a rap career, but, thankfully, you would be wrong. DJ K.O. is not concerned with the ace of spades or jack of clubs, but with a different, more important kind of card—the race card. On the latest release from his new album, K.O. calls on Madwreck to help craft a piano centered beat and emcee Justin Bates to provide a commentary on race and how we as a people can work to overcome social constructions and stereotypes. Bates handles his business, providing valuable insight through a strong delivery that grabs your ear in an entertaining way.  K.O.’s album, EMPBeTheTeam, is available now via his own brainchild, Elementality Productions.

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Written by on Nov 14, 2012

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