DJ Felli Fel ft. Akon, Diddy, Ludacris & Lil Jon - Get Buck In Here

Artist: DJ Felli Fel

Featuring: Akon, Diddy, Ludacris, Lil Jon

Producer: DJ Felli Fel

Album: None (Promo Single)

Avg Rating: 43210 4.5 ( 42 votes )


DJ Felli Fel, of Power 106 in L.A., decided that it was time a West Coast DJ jumped on the “massive collaboration track” train.  Replicating what DJ Khaled has done well the past two years, Felli Fel grabbed up the best of the best (surprisingly none of which hail from the West) and infused his own beat making ability into the banger, Get Buck In Here.  Although Akon‘s chorus (previously heard on material from female rapper Rasheeda,) isn’t his best work and Diddy (who has two verses) and Lil’ Jon aren’t exactly the best MC’s, Ludacris brings 16 bars of fire and an infectious club beat well makes up for the noted shortcomings.

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Written by on Jul 03, 2007

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