DJ Cassidy - Calling All Hearts

Artist: DJ Cassidy

Featuring: Robin Thicke, Jessie J

Producer: DJ Cassidy, Greg Cohen

Album: Paradise Royale

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At any given point during a night at the club, you’ll only find a fraction of the clientele actually dancing, while the rest order drinks and chat in the periphery. Unless the DJ is spinning that song—you know, that one jam that makes everyone drop what ever they’re doing and rush out onto the floor. With his debut single, Calling All Hearts, Booth newcomer DJ Cassidy was clearly angling to write that song. On this high-energy cut, the Columbia Records signee’s electrifying disco boardwork bangs in the back as Grammy nominee Robin Thicke and UK pop hitmaker Jessie J exercise their powers of persuasion, urging couples to get a little bit closer and wallflowers to abandon their positions on the sidelines. Are you gonna be moving your body when Calling All Hearts comes on at the local spot? If so, you’ll want to keep your browsers locked for more club bangers from DJ Cassidy, whose debut album, Paradise Royale, will be released this spring.

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Written by on 01/28/14

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DJ Cassidy
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