Diverse - Escape Earth

Artist: Diverse

Producer: Drop

Album: Round About

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Hailing from The Moon, Illinois, Diverse has outlined a blueprint explaining how he plans to Escape Earth.  On this clever new single off his debut album, Round About, the out-of-the-box emcee offers up a personal S.O.S. message to the rest of the hip-hop universe.  With lyrics so hot they could contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer, Diverse proves he’s light years ahead of the competition. Showcasing his “bang bang” inside our Booth, listeners will also quickly take note of his witty lyricism, which should draw a few comparisons to that Kick, Push guy. If Escape Earth is any indication, Diverse has a stellar career in store.

Diverse Alternative

Written by Kevin L. Clark on 10/13/08

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