DG Yola - Money In Bands

Artist: DG Yola

Producer: DJ Win

Album: Gutta World

Avg Rating: 21021 2.8 ( 12 votes )


As the release of his debut album, Gutta World, creeps closer, rapper DG Yola has let loose the next potential single, Money In Bands.  Unfortunately, the song sounds more like album filler than a single candidate.  Yola’s flow is completely unoriginal; rapping about (duh) money, the product, and the haters.  The closest thing to a redeeming factor is producer DJ Win (who also helmed Ain’t Gon’ Let Up), as his steel-drum heavy beat will have most listeners thinking of Crank That Soulja Boy.  In a nutshell, if Yola wants Gutta World to have a reasonable chance at successful, he needs to badger Atlantic to select Lunch Box as the new single.

DG Yola

Written by on 10/29/07

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