Dewy Sinatra - Three Weeks

Artist: Dewy Sinatra

Producer: Kelkut

Album: Wasted Youth EP

Avg Rating: 32101 3.3 ( 3 votes )


Three Weeks. That’s how long Dewy Sinatra‘s been sitting in the same spot, “staring at the same four blank walls”, wearing the same clothes. If that sounds a little crazy to you, well, that’s because it is. What exactly was it that drove him off the deep end? Well, we don’t receive any solid answers on this cut, the latest single off the UK recording artist’s forthcoming EP. Whereas previous features saw Dewy delivering rapped bars, this time around he opts to sing his verses. His world-weary, narcotized delivery, combined with Kelkut‘s queasy, swung synth beat, add up to a uniquely immersive, unsettling alt-R&B jam. Fans will be able to find this left-of-center effort and much more on Wasted Youth, set to drop independently on Monday, September 1.

Dewy Sinatra R&B/PopAlternative

Written by on Aug 22, 2014

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