Dewy Sinatra - Question

Artist: Dewy Sinatra

Producer: Slamogotchi

Album: Wasted Youth EP

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At the top of last month, UK rhymesayer Dewy Sinatra was searching for a little love, in hopes that it would help him keep stress at bay. If he found what he was looking for, it doesn’t seem to have resolved the issue. As he informs us on the latest single off his forthcoming EP, he’s still got ”so many Questions on [his] mind” that sleep is an impossibility. Which sucks for him, but is great for us, since that means more time for him to stay up recording songs like this one, which finds him flexing his melodic flow over a mellow, spacey synth beat by Slamogotchi. Sinatra’s Wasted Youth EP is slated to drop September 1. In the meantime, of course, fans can watch our pages for the latest singles.

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Written by on Aug 01, 2014

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