Day26 - Since You’ve Been Gone

Artist: Day26

Producer: Bryan-Michael Cox & Adonis

Album: Day26

Avg Rating: 43211 4.1 ( 66 votes )


In a typical Hollywood blockbuster, a man who has just been dumped will quickly dive back into the dating scene.  In real life, however, this process isn’t so painless; regardless of what most men say, they too have strong feelings for an ex or two (or three).  For proof, just ask Day26, who’ve been feeling a lot worse Since You’ve Been Gone.  Backing up Willie, Brian, and Robert’s strong tenor vocals are veteran producers Bryan-Michael Cox and Adonis, who once again bring out a string-synth accompaniment, reminiscent of oh-so-many past R&B chart-toppers.  Mix it all up with some heavy promotion, and voila!  Since You’ve Been Gone has all the makings of the next R&B summer anthem.


Written by on May 07, 2008

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