Daryn Alexus - Party

Artist: Daryn Alexus

Producer: Dee Lilly

Album: VHML2 EP

Avg Rating: 21021 2.8 ( 4 votes )


In the immortal words of Cyndi Lauper, “Girls just wanna have fun.” And if there’s one thing that prevents fun from being had, it’s a jealous guy trying to tell you what to do. On a new EP single, her first feature since August 2012 mixtape cut Summer Breeze, Daryn Alexus sets out to correct a man who’s got it twisted: “I just wanna Party; is that a crime?” Producer Dee Lilly backs the singer’s protestations with a rolling percussion rhythm and choral-synth harmonies. Like what you’re hearing? Then keep it locked; Alexus’ VHML2 EP has yet to receive a drop date, but we in the Booth will keep you posted on the project as further details emerge.

Update: Click “Watch Video” above or scroll down (for mobile) to view Daryn Alexus’ Andre (of TEHO Media)-directed Party visual.

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Written by on Nov 21, 2013

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