Dallas Austin - Exasperated

Artist: Dallas Austin

Producer: Dallas Austin

Album: 8 Daze a Weakend

Avg Rating: 21321 2.2 ( 20 votes )


Pharrell, Kanye, Swizz Beatz: the list of producers who’ve stepped out from behind the boards and in front of the mic is endless. What makes noted hitmaker Dallas Austin different from these others? To start, the Dallas Austin Experience, as he calls his new venture, has a funk-soul sound that comes as a surprise.  Take his new single Exasperated for example. As soon as the song begins, you’re launched into another world by the muttering of the artist. Heavenly flutes, brash percussion, and other instruments combine their powers to create a marching band sound as Austin’s robotic vocals proclaim his irritation with the world.  The tune, produced by Austin, can be found on his forthcoming project, 8 Daze a Weakend.

Dallas Austin

Written by Carly on 08/7/08

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