Cymarshall Law - Juggling

Artist: Cymarshall Law

Producer: Mr. Joeker

Album: Creator's Craft Mix CD

Avg Rating: 32101 3.9 ( 10 votes )


I’m going to try something new today and play nice. If you haven’t heard of Cymarshall Law yet (yet?!), I’m not going to be a d**k and say you’re obviously more interested in turning on your swag than listening to good music. No, instead, I’m just going to ask you to listen to the latest (liberated) track off his Creator’s Craft Mix CD (out now), entitled Juggling. Law is always creative with his wordplay and Juggling is no different as he delivers dope line after line over a fast-paced, rhythmic beat from frequent production partner Mr. Joeker that revolve around the struggles of everyday life: “I look around at the world is troubling / and if it’s not this or that it’s another thing / I don’t claim to know it all but I be wondering/ if we keep going at this rate what its gonna bring.” If you digging this track, and you should be, be sure to check out his next project, the Creator’s Kid EP dropping this coming Tuesday, January 26.

Cymarshall Law

Written by on Jan 19, 2010

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