CuzOH Black - No Winter Coat

Artist: CuzOH Black

Producer: Moe Productions

Album: Everybody's Favorite Cousin EP

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Before you get all worried and start a coat drive for Long Island rhymedropper CuzOH! Black, I’m pretty sure the title of his new record is more of a metaphor, so please do hold onto that Gap pea coat. On No Winter Coat, the rapper keeps it heavily real as he provides both a little social commentary and a glimpse at the struggle he’s dealt with in his life. Due to the candid and open nature of the record this one might just leave you with goosebumps thanks to the combination of Black’s heartfelt lyricism and Moe Productions’ grim, bass-heavy boardwork. No Winter Coat will serve as the first song release from the New York spitter’s forthcoming Everybody’s Favorite Cousin EP, which is due out on November 13.

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Written by Danielle H. on 10/2/12

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CuzOH Black


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