Curt Chambers - New America

Artist: Curt Chambers

Producer: Ivan Barias

Album: One Way Ticket

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Remember the morning of November 5th, 2008? When the Bush-era struggles gave way to feelings of hope for the future, and a sense of pride in having elected the first black President, it felt almost as if a New America had been born out of the ashes of the old. How have the intervening four years lived up to that lofty promise? On a new single selection off his latest full-length, Grass Is Greener singer Curt Chambers takes on that very question. Ivan Barias of Carvin & Ivan fame handles production duties, crafting a rock-infused backdrop for soulful bars examining how the American people and government have progressed toward building a nation that can be called, “the land of the free.” You can find this thought-provoking cut and plenty more where it came from on One Way Ticket, available online as of this past February.

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Written by on 11/2/12

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Forever Music/Savile Row

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"Grass Is Greener" (2012)

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Curt Chambers


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