Cupid - Happy Dance

Artist: Cupid

Producer: Mr. Phat

Album: TBD

Avg Rating: 21321 2.0 ( 31 votes )


Please don’t be mistaken; Happy Dance is not the same song as Cupid Shuffle. Sure, the two may have nearly identical tempos, rhythms, melodies, and titles, but at least their lyrics are… well, never mind. Regardless, you can’t argue with success. R&B sensation Cupid has found a formula that works, and he’s sticking to it.  Happy Dance is another lighthearted, Mr. Phat-produced club theme, sure to spawn its own dance. While he mixes it up a bit by incorporating a cranked-up alter-ego that chirps along with the melody, he never leaves his comfort zone. Is Cupid a one trick pony? Absolutely. Is his trick awesome? For now.

Cupid Club

Written by on Jun 12, 2008

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