Cupid ft. Aubrey O’Day - Do You Dance

Artist: Cupid

Producer: P-No

Album: Time For A Change


Named after the Roman god of love (and Valentine’s icon) who shot arrows at people to make them fall in love, up-&-coming R&B singer Cupid looks to do the same thing, only with his music.  On his new single, Do Yo Dance, from his upcoming debut album Time For a Change, the Lafayette, Louisiana, native’s vocals sound similar to such big-name R&B acts as One Chance and Tank. Plus, the beat courtesy of producer P-No doesn’t hurt either.  Danity Kane’s Aubrey O’Day seems to fit in with her third verse vocals, thus providing even more appeal.  Look for this song to get massive radio and club play, and Cupid to join a long list of R&B artists that can get the ladies going.

Cupid Club

Written by on Jul 12, 2007

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