Cory Jreamz - Howl

Artist: Cory Jreamz

Producer: Vincent Campos and Cory Jreamz

Album: The Lonely Painter

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If I were to tell you that Cory Jreamz was a native of Houston, Texas, before pressing play on his debut DJBooth feature you might expect to hear a candy-painted, swooning southern anthem. While Jreamz might reside in H-town, his style is more out of this world. Sure, there is a touch of that classic leanin’ H-Town flavor in the production, courtesy of Jreamsz and Vincent Campos, but the spooky, chopped vocals give the track a much more extraterrestrial feel. Don’t try and locate Cory’s vocals on a map either; he blends a forceful, emphatic delivery with a certain swooning malaise that marries the beat to form a truly unique and dynamic sound. It might have you feeling a little off-kilter, but there should be no doubt you will be Howl-ing for more. That “more” you are looking for can be found on Jreamz’ The Lonely Painter album, due out next month.

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Written by on Aug 02, 2013

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