Cory Gunz - Gamble on Me

Artist: Cory Gunz

Producer: Jonathan "J.R." Rotem

Album: God Forgives, I Don't

Avg Rating: 32101 3.9 ( 47 votes )


Bronx native Cory Gunz has been called the game’s best kept secret.  To illustrate: though he originally appeared on Lil Wayne’s A Milli, his virtuosic verse was removed for fear that Weezy’s rhymes would be upstaged.  Today, Mr. Gunz is determined to go public with his skills, as evidenced on the newly-leaked Gamble On Me. Hotshot producer J.R. Rotem provides the beat, over which Cory showcases his considerable songwriting talents. With a lot of money on the table, the New York Rookie of the Year does what few in the Tri-State area has been able to do of late – create a credible song. Gunz’ forthcoming debut, God Forgives, I Don’t, doesn’t have a label behind it or a release date, but it’s clear that the emcee feels safe playing the odds.

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Written by Kevin L. Clark on 12/3/08

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