Cool Nutz - Married to This

Artist: Cool Nutz

Producer: ItsTope

Album: Cool Nutz "EMO"

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Cool Nutz may be rocking a wedding band on his left ring finger, but the hustle remains the Oregonian emcee’s number one priority. On his latest single, he tells the world that he’s Married to This hip-hop ish. The artist’s first feature since January 2013’s Keep Chasin’, and a Booth-exclusive world premiere to boot, this cut sees beatsmith ItsTope serving up a smooth R&B sample as the Jus Family signee celebrates his jet-setting lifestyle and gives sucker emcees the brush-off. Connor Limbocker directs the accompanying visuals. Feeling it? More awaits on Nutz’s next project, EMO, set to drop independently on Tuesday, October 28.

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Written by on Aug 11, 2014

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