Consequence - Whatever U Want (Remix)

Artist: Consequence

Featuring: Kanye West, John Legend, Common, Kid CuDi

Producer: Kanye West


Avg Rating: 32101 3.8 ( 56 votes )


Hey girl, you’re so fine I’ll give you Whatever U Want. No, I’m not Kanye West, I’m Consequence, though I do look a lot like him from some angles. What’s that you say? You liked the original track, especially my quasi-look alike Kanye’s production and John Legend’s always smooth vocals, but you’d like a remix even better? No problem ma, what if I were to drop Whatever U Want (Remix), and add some dope verses from Common, Kid Cudi and Big Sean, would you like that? I know, I know, Common’s verse is by far the track’s best, but the rest of us aren’t exactly lyrical lightweights. I can tell by your face that you’re digging the remix, maybe even more than the original. I don’t blame you, this remix is good, so good I bet even the Booth will like it. You can find it on my upcoming album Cons TV, set to drop in 2010, which you should definitely buy. Speaking of buying things, how ‘bout I buy you a drink?

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ConsequenceKanye WestJohn LegendCommonKid CuDi

Written by on 11/18/09

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