The Clipse ft. Cam’ron - Popular Demand (Popeyes)

Artist: Clipse

Featuring: Cam'ron

Producer: The Neptunes

Album: Till the Casket Drops

Avg Rating: 32101 3.7 ( 52 votes )


In my review of Royce da 5’9”s new album Street Hop I talked about historically delayed albums – albums that have been delayed so many times they’ve become almost mythological – and the Clipse’s Till the Casket Drops is certainly a prime candidate for that designation. Well, the casket will definitely drop soon if their new single Back by Popular Demand (Popeyes) becomes a hit, and in all honesty I’m not sure it will. I’ve listened to this track 20 times now and I still can’t decide if The Neptunes’ vibrating horns and plunking piano line production is dope or a little off, if guest artist Cam’ron’s work is a great slow flow or just lazy, if Malice and Pusha-T’s verses drip with swagger or are disappointingly clean, lacking in their trademark grit. Maybe some of the Booth members can help me make up my mind. Please, have at it. Till the Casket Drops is slated to (almost definitely) drop on December 8.

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Written by on Oct 25, 2009

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