Clipse ft. Rick Ross - I’m Good (Remix)

Artist: Clipse

Featuring: Rick Ross

Producer: The Neptunes

Album: Til the Casket Drops

Avg Rating: 32101 3.7 ( 23 votes )


The Clipse are one of my favorite hip-hop groups alive, but with the exception of their early days spent Grindin, I haven’t been a fan of their singles – they just seem to lose all their edge when they know it’s going to radio. I wish I could say things are different this time around on I’m Good (Remix), but unfortunately it’s more of the same. That’s not the say the track isn’t good: the brothers hook up with their old production partners The Neptunes for one of their trademark beats, Pusha-T and Malice drop their usual assortment of clever lines and Rick Ross gets in on the remix action with a cold flow, but it’s just not as good as the Clipse can be. What can I say? I guess I like my Clipse grimey. As always, I’m sure there will be plenty of debate in the Booth on this one. The Clipse’s long-awaited album Til the Casket Drops is finally slated to be released on December 8.

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Written by on Oct 20, 2009

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