City of God - Fly Away

Artist: City of God

Producer: City of God with Matt LaPlant

Album: Rebirth of Swag

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In the 5th century AD, Augustine of Hippo wrote the book The City of God, which focused on the conflict between society’s obsession with fame and fortune and the true standards of goodness and quality.  Some 1600 years later, an underground alt-pop group has adopted the name.  Foregoing major control for creative freedom, the City of God collective released their debut album, Rebirth of Swag, this past August, to little mainstream fanfare.  Together with producer Matt LaPlant, “spacebois” Smalls, Industry, Rocko, Tiago, and “spacegurl” Tata put together a laid-back ballad about spotting someone special at their favorite hangout.  While the preceding topical explanation is perhaps the most overused song setup found in the Booth, the overall feel is so fresh that it might make listeners want to Fly Away.

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Written by on 10/8/08

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"Over You" (2012)

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