Chucky Boy - Ridin Out ft. T-Pain

Artist: Chucky Boy

Featuring: T-Pain

Producer: M. Rell

Album: TBD

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Life is full of fundamental, inescapable equations: one plus one always equals two, hydrogen plus oxygen always equal water, and T-Pain plus [insert just about any artist’s name] collaborations will always be instant hits.  Chucky Boy, an up-and-coming rapper from Tampa, certainly knows his math.  His new single, Ridin Out, is a festive track with a late-90’s feel featuring a hook sung by none other than the hitmaker himself.  As its title suggests, the track is a happy-go-lucky tribute to interstate joyriding.  Chucky’s three excited verses and T-Pain’s uplifting hook are driven by M. Rell’s likeminded production, complete with a bright string ensemble and celebratory claps.  In the end, it all adds up.

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Written by on 05/20/08

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Great Things Ent/Splitta Rec (Indie)

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