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Hannibal King
VILLAIN: Issue Three of Three

Since the 2012 lauch of his VILLAIN trilogy, Chris Faust has been keeping listeners entertained with tales of his diabolical schemes. According to narrative conventions, Issue Three of Three should feature the NYC rhymesayer’s most fiendish plot yet, but on inaugural promo single Black Manta he’s more concerned with his travel plans than conquest of the globe. Here, the overarching theme of an aquatic voyage enables him to tackle a surprising variety of serious topics, from racial politics to the music game’s changing attitude toward homosexuality. Joining Faust over Hannibal King‘s wavy sample work, Tanya Morgan member Donwill contributes a lyrically impressive closing 16. The thrilling conclusion to Faust’s EP series remains unscheduled but, as always, fans can keep it locked to The DJBooth for the latest details.

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