Childish Gambino - Melrose

Artist: Childish Gambino

Producer: Stefan Ponce

Album: Because The Internet

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Not so long ago, a rapper softly singing his own hooks would have been considered ridiculous. Now, even Eminem is belting out emotional ballads. Though Stronger Than I Was made me wonder whether the pendulum had swung just a little too far, Childish Gambino‘s Melrose has brought me back to my former, mostly-positive opinion of the rapper-turned-singer trend. Released yesterday evening in a mysterious Tweet addressed to Bed Peace collaborator Jhené Aiko, this melancholy, Stefan Ponce-produced cut finds Glover crooning the plaintive line, “Someone gave you all my love, all my love,” in between long, piano-driven instrumental stretches. For this haunting cut, last month’s 3005 and much more, cop new album Because the Internet when it drops on Tuesday, December 10.

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Written by on Nov 07, 2013

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