Charles Reed - Better

Artist: Charles Reed

Producer: 2 Dimension

Album: Jus'ntyme

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After finding his musical inspiration through the late, great Gerald Levert, Charles Reed began his quest to connect with others through song.  His new single, Better, looks to follow in the soul man’s footsteps. 2 Dimension gives Reed a track to play matchmaker on, as his smooth vocals put a unique twist on the Upset City R&B blueprint. After performing live at various venues, including a gig at Uncle Luke’s reality TV show premiere party, the new school cat preps for his 2009 debut, Jus’ntyme. Looking to beat the buzzer, Charles Reed crosses up the rest of the R&B competition and cements his spot as an R&B artist to watch.

Charles Reed

Written by Kevin L. Clark on 11/23/08

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Bang Charts Music Group

First DJ Booth Appearance:
"Fallin'" (2008)

Total DJ Booth Features:
5 Songs

Charles Reed

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