Champain Era - Back to the Future

Artist: Champain Era

Producer: Warryn Campbell

Album: New Year's

Avg Rating: 21021 2.6 ( 17 votes )


In light of the current recession and the inability for the Senate to pass the proposed bailout bill, Virginia Beach native Champain Era showcases his “grussle” on the D.C.-flavored Back to the Future. Sounding eerily like a Mary J. Blige throwaway, this bouncy banger is a strong first single candidate for the forthcoming New Year’s.  Over a go-go beat courtesy of producer Warryn Campbell, the new-school Marty McFly reps the Beach in an entertaining and witty fashion.  So long as he differentiates himself from the so-called “swag” rappers that constantly are getting the shine, this upbeat emcee has a good shot at ringing in a new Era.

Champain Era

Written by on Sep 29, 2008

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