Chamillionaire - Industry Groupie

Artist: Chamillionaire

Producer: Jonathan Rotem

Album: Ultimate Victory

Avg Rating: 43210 4.5 ( 57 votes )


Realizing The Bill Collecta probably wasn’t the best choice for Chamillionaire‘s next single, the Universal execs changed their minds and switched over to Industry Groupie.  Cham again describes the music industry using a metaphor; referring to it as an unfaithful girlfriend who says “she’s down” but messes with every other big name hip-hop & R&B artist in the industry.  Adding catchiness is Jonathan “J.R.” Rotem’s production, which heavily samples Europe’s classic sports jam, Final Countdown.  Hopefully, Industry Groupie can help liven up the slumping sales of Ultimate Victory; a solid hip-hop album.

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Written by on Oct 07, 2007

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