Caspa Narkz - In My City

Artist: Caspa Narkz

Producer: Johnny Roset Cervini and Vett (of Da MVPz)

Album: None (Promo Single)

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Since the very first raps were ever laid down, emcees have sought to describe the world contained in their city. Here to carry on that tradition with a brand new world premiere, the aptly-titled In My City, is Caspa Narkz. Fresh off his DJBooth-approved release How Long, the BK rhymesayer gets on his rock sh*t for City, teaming up with producers Vett (of Da MVPz) and Johnny Roset Cervini, who also contributes vocals, for an instrumental that rocks harder than Keith Moon after a five-day bender. On the mic Caspa follows tightly, shining a light on the darkness that pervades his native town. While this headbanger isn’t attached to a larger project (yet), fans of the genre-bending rapper can keep it locked to The DJBooth for more.

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Written by on 07/26/12

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Black House Records LLC.

First DJ Booth Appearance:
"How Long" (2012)

Total DJ Booth Features:
1 Songs

Caspa Narkz


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