Casely - Emotional (Remix) ft. Flo Rida

Artist: Casely

Featuring: Flo Rida

Producer: The Diaz Brothers

Album: 1985

Avg Rating: 32101 3.6 ( 40 votes )


Casely‘s well-known Emotional dilemma, the one where his ex-girlfriend shows up everywhere he goes, has slowly begun to plague another South Florida musician.  Similar to Casely, rapper Flo Rida recently broke up with his lady and is looking to move on.  The only problem is that his hit singles, Low and Elevator, have gotten everyone to make their way to the dance floor (yup, that means his ex too).  They may be single, but if it’s any consolation to either artist, Casely and Flo Rida both know how to make a certified club hit.  Casely’s debut album, 1985, is set to drop this summer.

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Written by on 03/5/08

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"Emotional" (2008)

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12 Songs



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