Carl Henry - Dim The Lights

Artist: Carl Henry

Producer: Coggs [for CeSoul Music]

Album: All That I Know

Avg Rating: 21021 2.5 ( 11 votes )


On his latest single, Canadian R&B star Carl Henry reveals a trait he shares with many of his American counterparts: when he’s hitting it off with a female at the club, he often feels compelled to take things to the next level right away.  In a similarly themed record featured yesterday, Razah simply requested that the DJ Let the Music Play as he shared a moment with his lady; Henry, on the other hand, would like for someone to Dim the Lights so he and his love interest can enjoy a little more privacy.  Fans of upbeat club jams will find a lot to like here, from the time-tested subject matter to Henry’s Autotuned vocals on the breathless verses, and CeSoul Music‘s Coggs keeps things hot and heavy with danceable, midtempo blend of frothy synths and bass-heavy percussion.  Henry’s forthcoming third album, All that I Know, has yet to receive a solid release date—here’s hoping this sultry cut helps move things along.

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Written by on 03/30/09

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