Candy Hill - Juicy

Artist: Candy Hill

Producer: Prettyboy & Bradd

Album: TBA Debut Album


Hailing straight from Los Angeles, Candy Hill is a female-trio composed of rappers OC and LV, and singer Casha.  Their first single, Juicy, (yet another demonstration of girls that have something which can get even the rawest hood player sprung) features a sound that has been heard very little since TLC last recording.  Prettyboy & Bradd‘s Timbaland-esque 808’s are complemented perfectly by LV’s sassy-sounding raps (reminiscent of an old Lil’ Kim), OC’s rapid-fire-flow (a Twista/Bone Thugs influence is obvious here), and Casha’s smooth, funky vocals (sounding just like Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes).  Candy Hill mixes old-school style and new-school appeal; look for them to become one of the bigger girl groups in the music business.

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Written by on 06/26/07

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CandyHouse Music Group

First DJ Booth Appearance:
"Spare" (2007)

Total DJ Booth Features:
2 Songs


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