Camm Hunter - NLG

Artist: Camm Hunter

Producer: Marty Martino

Album: Just Me

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I know what you’re thinking: “After all the National Lawyers Guild has done to promote progressive change in our legal system, it’s about damn time they got their own hip-hop theme song.” Sadly, they’ll have to wait a little longer, as the title of Camm Hunter‘s solo Booth debut actually stands for “Never Let it Go”—a reference to the Down With Webster emcee’s longstanding dependency on Mary Jane. Marty Martino‘s pensive synths back the Canadian rhymesayer as he spits about his ambivalent relationship with weed, “the cause and the solution to every one of [his] problems.” Fans will be able to find NLG and much more on Hunter’s Just Me street album, out now via his official site.

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Written by on Oct 01, 2013

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