Cam Meekins - Inhale

Artist: Cam Meekins

Producer: Cam Meekins

Album: Lamp City

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Some artists like to appear footloose and fancy free, spending money like there is a hole in the pocket of their skinny jeans. Booth newcomer Cam Meekins, however, does not fall into that category, showing that prefers to keep it as real as can be. On new single Inhale, Cam takes a look at himself and opens up to listeners, giving us a brutally honesty portrayal of himself, for better or for worse.  The Massachusetts emcee creates a melancholy production, composed of a bare-bones snare stacked atop a subtle piano riff, which is perfect for the vibe of the cut. Atop his own handy work, Meekins uses rapping as cathartic tool, addressing the issues that plague him, such as pushing away those that are closest to him and being stuck in the past, where things seemed easier. While not overly uplifting, Meekins’ honest approach will surely gain him new fans, as the problems he’s experienced are likely to be shared by many. For more genuine hip-hop, be on the lookout for Cam’s Lamp City album, which is set for a mid-April release.

Update: Click “Watch Video” above or scroll down to view Meekins’ Goodwin co-directed Inhale visual.

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Written by Lucas G. on 04/1/13

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Lamp City Records

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"Above and Beyond" (2012)

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Cam Meekins


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