C-Note - Brutality

Artist: C-Note

Featuring: J.Nolan, CashUs King, Mistah F.A.B

Producer: C-Note

Album: Volume 2

Avg Rating: 43211 4.2 ( 12 votes )



With the Travyon Martin verdict, as well as the countless examples of police Brutality that go unaddressed every day, some of us have had enough; C-Note sure has. On this DJBooth premiere, the Bay Area beatsmith has taken to the boards to vent his frustration and, hopefully, spark a change to an ever-growing problem. Weaving a few apt samples into his intricate, enigmatic boardwork, C-Note makes a pointed political statement with the record’s powerful foundation. He isn’t alone, either; helping to hammer home the point, J. Nolan, Co$$ and Mistah FAB grab the mic to share their insights into the record’s subject matter. Brutality is the first song release off C-Note’s upcoming project, Vol. 2, which has yet to receive a drop date.

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Written by Lucas G. on 08/5/13

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