Busta Rhymes - Where's My F*ckin' Money

Artist: Busta Rhymes

Producer: Green Lantern

Album: Grand Theft Auto IV Soundtrack

Avg Rating: 21021 2.8 ( 42 votes )


If your usually quiet next door neighbors are loud all day tomorrow and keep you up at all hours of the night, there is a perfectly good explanation: today marks the release of the newest edition to the Grand Theft Auto video game family.  GTAIV will also provide the public with a blazing-hot soundtrack, which includes new music from Akon, Fabolous, Nas, Mobb Deep, and more.  Executive-produced by NYC’s DJ Green Lantern, the compilation also features a brand new track from Busta Rhymes entitled Where’s My F*ckin’ Money.  Fitting, since the game allows its players to rob and kill the fictional characters on screen, Rhymes’ energy will no doubt provide the perfect backdrop for some unreal, unruly behavior.

Busta Rhymes

Written by on 04/28/08

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