Busta Rhymes ft. Linkin Park - We Made It

Artist: Busta Rhymes

Featuring: Linkin Park

Producer: Cool & Dre & Mike Shinoda

Album: Blessed

Avg Rating: 43210 4.3 ( 136 votes )


When Sugar Hill Gang‘s Rapper’s Delight became the first nationwide hip-hop hit back in 1979, many viewed the sensation as a novelty that would die a quick death.  Much to their surprise (and our delight), hip-hop has thrived ever since and is arguably one of the world’s most popular genres.  Highlighting just how far We Made It, legendary MC Busta Rhymes has teamed up with veteran rock group Linkin Park for what is likely the biggest collaboration thus far of ‘08.  Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, Busta’s two verses fit perfectly with singer Chester Bennington’s chorus, Mike Shinoda’s middle verse, and Brad Delson’s guitar (all over a beat by the super-trio of Shinoda and Cool & Dre).  We Made It is the first official single from Busta Rhymes’ eighth album, Blessed, set for retail and online release July 15.

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Written by on Apr 29, 2008

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