Bubba Sparxxx - This Is What I Do

Artist: Bubba Sparxxx

Producer: Timbaland

Album: The Impolite Gentleman

Avg Rating: 21021 2.5 ( 22 votes )


Despite Ms. New Booty being Bubba Sparxxx’ biggest chart hit to date, it didn’t sit too well with his longtime fans, who prefer his work on Dark Days, Bright Nights and Deliverance.  Though such fans noticed a few bright spots (in his verses on the remixes to V.I.C.‘s Get Silly and Good Charlotte’s Keep Your Hands Off My Girl), they did not care for the first two buzz singles off his upcoming senior album, The Impolite Gentleman (I Like It A Lot and She Got Me Like), leading it to be pushed back to an uncertain date this spring.  Fear not, country-rap enthusiasts; the Bubba Sparxxx of old has reunited with his old boss, Timbaland, to tell the crowd, “This Is What I Do;” hate it or love it, he’s not going to change.

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Written by on Feb 01, 2009

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