Brothers From Another - Blame It on My Youth

Artist: Brothers From Another

Producer: Nima Skeemz

Album: Adventures of Los Hermanos Series

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While listeners in the Booth were clearly feeling Brothers From Another‘s alcohol-fueled singles, Drunk Talk and Day Drink, certain uptight individuals might take those records as evidence of irresponsibility on the Seattle natives’ part. On their latest feature, entry numero dos in their Adventures of the Los Hermanos series, Tiglo and Cole respond to the busybodies with a blasé brush-off: “You can Blame It on My Youth.” Though the duo’s bars are as appealing as ever, Nima Skeemz steals the show behind the mixing boards, flipping a gorgeous sample from ‘70s soul man Darondo’s Didn’t I. Fans can, of course, keep it locked for the latest from Brothers From Another, including future Los Hermanos standouts.

Brothers From Another R&B/PopIndie

Written by on Aug 13, 2014

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