Boo ft. Young Jeezy - Baby Powder

Artist: Boo Rossini

Featuring: Jeezy

Producer: Illegal Substance Productions

Avg Rating: 32101 3.6 ( 26 votes )


Although Mississippi native Boo has frequently collaborated with Young Jeezy (most notably on current rival Gucci Mane‘s Icy), it wasn’t until just recently that ‘Da Boss Playa’ officially signed a deal with Corporate Thugz Entertainment.  His CTE debut single, Baby Powder, is yet another ‘i’m-so-fresh’ rap, but Boo adds some creative verses (Like a Girl Scout, I keep a lotta cookies) and even finishes it off with a street take on the Hush, Little Baby nursery rhyme.  In fact, Boo’s rhymes are so slick that he ends up outshining the Snowman’s tired-sounding guest verse and monotonous synthesizer-horn production.  Although it’s still unclear whether “dust me off” will ever become as popular as “Wipe Me Down,” expect Baby Powder to be a club hit nonetheless.

Boo RossiniJeezy

Written by on Nov 04, 2007

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