Bone Crusher - Transform ft. Fabo & 2Dola

Artist: Bone Crusher

Featuring: Fabo

Producer: Mr. Collipark

Album: Planet Crusher

Avg Rating: 21021 2.8 ( 21 votes )


ATL’s Bone Crusher is bringing back high-energy party music (for which he’s semi-famous) as the once extremely-overweight rapper plans his comeback to the major leagues.  On his newest single, Crusher takes the opportunity to Transform into a flashier version of himself to show off at the club.  Furthering the overall transformation is a guest spot from D4L’s Fabo, who brings in his less annoying alter ego, 2Dola, to deliver a verse as well.  Fresh off working with flashy teen sensations, Mr. ColliPark chops up an organ-heavy beat that sounds a bit more like Lil’ Jon than his own previous works.  Can star power help Transform Bone Crusher back into the charting success he once was?

Bone CrusherFabo Club

Written by on 12/17/07

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